May 9, 2021

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Top 5 Tips to Learn JavaScript Easily in Short Time

Tips to learn JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular programming language nowadays. It was introduced more than 20 years ago and surprisingly keeps the leading position. JS is used for browsers and it is a must in the development of interactive sites. Currently, JavaScript functions with Windows, macOS, Linux, and it is easily compatible with mobile devices and any platforms.

In a nutshell, JavaScript allows sites to react and respond to the users’ actions. A user opens up a site and starts clicking on the buttons and opening tabs. All the further events on the site page happen due to JavaScript.

The reasons for JavaScript popularity are mentioned further:

  • It easily modifies web pages by inserting tags into the HTML code, customizing elements, requesting data from users, etc.
  • It is an appropriate language to start programming. It contains all the basic things: algorithms, object-oriented model, data structure.
  • Mastering JavaScript opens the door to later perfection. JS is similar to C in syntax. Therefore, exploring JS will give an idea of the languages C++, C#, Java, PHP.

We have figured out why JS doesn’t lose its leading positions in programming. Now let’s focus on how to make the life of a junior JS developer easier.

1. Stay Focused

There are various opportunities to study. The first essential thing is to learn the basics. You can try doing it yourself by reading books or exploring sites. Or you can opt for a professional course either online or offline. The choice depends on the budget you have, deadlines you set yourself, and personal preferences. But whatever the choice is, the most important thing is to concentrate and not to let yourself relax.

The more focussed you are the better. If it is difficult for you to pay attention to something for a long time, set an alarm clock for 25 minutes, then make a 5 minutes break, then another 25 minutes.  This method will facilitate your study hours. Just don’t forget to put away all the devices that may distract you.

2. Practice More

Practice makes perfect they say. A helpful tip here is to have a code editor on your computer. For example, the Atom editor may work. It’s free, relatively easy to use, and has several useful features. Having a code editor at hand, you may go to GitHub and look for the open-source code there. Download it and explore how it works.

Another way to practice is to solve “programming problems”. Google will help with the tasks that are designed for people who are learning and who need JavaScript examples through which they can work.

3. Find a Mentor

At some point in your studies, you may feel that you are stuck. A mentor may help in such a situation. It may be someone you know and who is more experienced in the sphere than you are. Unfortunately, such a person is not always there, so you may need to find a tutor, somebody, who will assist you in your JS exploration for money. It is okay to ask questions, as the best way to learn is by mistakes.

4. Use Various Resources

The 21st century is a blessing in terms of resources. You can look for information on sites like Medium, ask for help in various communities, read blogs and forums, as well as watch video tutorials on YouTube. It’s hard to think of a period more abundant and affordable in opportunities to learn.

5. Use Ready-Made Tools

We’ve saved the best for last. Why inventing the wheel, when there are plenty of turnkey tools? We mean UI component libraries with open source code that can be found easily nowadays. Those solutions save the time of developers, as you just need to smartly put all the components together for a complete project. Besides, components usually ideally fit each other or can be built into any environment. And since we’re talking about learning, it is easy to practice them to see how JavaScript is applied in those libraries.

As an example of a modern JS UI library, we can suggest Webix JavaScript UI Library. This is a convenient kit of more than 100 widgets, that can be built into any application. Apart from those, they offer complex widgets, which function as ready-made applications. Demos and documentation are provided. One more interesting feature is Webix Jet, which is a microframework for apps development with Webix components. So it may become a visual tool for those studying the principles of building UI, which will shorten the learning curve significantly.

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In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that learning is an exciting process. We hope the tips mentioned will help you enjoy it and eagerly dive into the fascinating world of web development.